The Math Lab is a laboratory used by the Revengerists to solve complex math puzzles and draw geometric figures on graph paper. The lab is well stocced with equipment used for mathmatical computtatins like pencils, pens, figurines, an eraser, and four reams of graph paper left. There is a dry erase marker and white board too but it doesnt ahve a desk and so they usually willsit on chairs at the desk and use their tools that way.


The MathLab is built underground in a scenic lakeshore country.

Other InformationEdit

The Math Lab was built slowly and deliberately with a lot of time and energy over the course of a few hours when the Revengerists met the Marnacle, a superintelogent barnacle mastermine which came from the oceans and was going to ruin math forever by telling. kids to not read. The Math Lab is not tb eo confused with A Vampire.

Odd Jog One time Odd Jog ran out of graph paper andordered a lot more.