Throughout the Omniverse are objects of varying power.


Only the truest of worthy heroes are deemed to carry the mighty forces of weapons artefacts, though they are always schemed for & sought after by villains for evil. Seriously, it just sort of puts a big target on them like, HEY EVERY VILLIN come and get me and I'll destroy entire cities for your foul, empty God of power and greed!

Ancient TechnologyEdit

Ancient Gods or Aliens or MesoAmericans have left advanced technoogies al lover the planet waiting to be runed by worthy welders of power force.


An ancient techno-device of questionable power. No one knows what built it or all of its capabilities, but it is known that one can use such a machine to perform powerful actions if they have the know-how. One was used to house powerful criminals in the Finite Dimension Prison and subsequently used to open that containment during Finite Contingency

Mystical ObjectsEdit

Sorcelators of older times and even today sometimes ope a portal to unknowing and release flows of raw energies beyond comprension. These corrupt souls or absorb are made of souls and cause Power Madness or even Total Power Consumption.

Solar StoneEdit

On a distant planet, the kingdom's protector and ruler formerly uses this stone to grant himself vast powers. Each passing of age a new successor is chosen from the lordly line, but Solar Pecsis stole it and was banished. It is in  his posession on earth.


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