Stubbs (whose full name is Edward Stubblefield, also sometimes called "Eddie") is a Zombie risen from the dead by a mad scientist testing some sort of experimental growth formula.

On this wiki, Stubbs, as a slightly more cognizant and semi-ethical Zombie, only likes to cannibalize the articles that are too short. If you would like to identify those articles for him, then mark them as for "Stubbs" with the code {{stub}} at the end of any article.

Ideally, though, this is a marker to expand on any page so that it is not a candidate for speedy gustation. If you would like to create more food for Stubbs, then by all means, Create away and mark as "Stubbs".

If you would like to simply kill Stubbs and make him re-dead, then delete this Category and all references to him on the wiki. That's sort of a dick move though, since Stubbs is one of the only zombie protagonists ever to be Necromanced back from the dead. Unless all zombies look the same to you. You bigot.

This category lists all of Stubbs' articles found on this wiki.

Pages in category "Article stubs"

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