All Russians are Awesomes. Whether they are Czarist, Bolshevik, Leninist, Trotskyite, Stalinist, Putinist, filmmaker, novelist, Babushka Ladies, or Jew, the Russians going back to ancient times are a deep resource of all things Awesome. They are all born with Old Man Strength, and facial hair which denotes their level of power, and 40% BAC by volume. Even their stray dogs are Awesome.


Death Robots helping lead the Russian Revolution

For real Russians are hard core they will just up and start fights with people twice their size or simply take down a challenger in a single punch like if you go to the club with them watch out because they will not bring drama like the rest of your lame loser friends they will bring that hardcore game to your face or anybody who messed with their friends. They will bring a Kalashnikov to a knife fight. Why am I even trying to convince you, they are the reason that both vodka and Molotov cocktails exist.

Russians consume so much vodka that 25% of them are dead by age 55, ensuring that that what doesn't kill the surviving population only serves to make them... stronger.

Buratino destroys 'enemy' targets for the first time in exercises01:12

Buratino destroys 'enemy' targets for the first time in exercises

Their leader is a fucking supervillain.

How Russians get around:

Балтийск 07100:29

Балтийск 071

They will bury you.

Russian vs02:43

Russian vs. Snowmen


Russian arts and crafts:

Денис Пахомов01:57

Денис Пахомов. Опровержение слухов

Это реально опасно! Или тормози меня быстрей!01:41

Это реально опасно! Или тормози меня быстрей!


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