“I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee.” ~non-viking talking to a Viking Viking

Vikings have powers, as they were some of the first mortal men of the recent era (since the Dragon, Mythical, Hyperborean, and Classical eras) on Earth to be bestowed Awesome powers, some of them even transcending this mortal plane into the very megarealms of the gods, specifically Odin.

Many Vikings exist today causing most volcano eruptions, all Super Volcano eruptions, heavy metal bands that don't suck, sweet guitar licks, lightning, and stopping Cthulhus from awakening and destroying the physical planes of existence.

JASON FORREST - War Photographer04:13

JASON FORREST - War Photographer


a typical Viking drink; a curved horn flagon of Bifröst-rainbow grog.

We are vikings04:16

We are vikings

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