The legends say that dads are really interesting guys. Everyone wants to know more about your dad so you should tell people about your dad.


They have emails sometimnes and go to the store to get cigarettes and beer. Some dads like to wear shits. 

What's your dad like?Edit

I wanna know

Dad QuotesEdit

"Shit, son get in here so I can smack you"

"I love you, you are part of a family"

"Let's get on the compunter and play video gams"

"Workin on my car tonight"

"What are you up to today?"

"You are not to place your hands on my daughter"

"Please get to sleeping, or your'lll wake up the neighbor"


  1. Dads have the highest rate of being dads in the world
  2. All dads are dads
  3. All dads have wallets
  4. Most dads shave but some have a beard
  5. A dad is likely to work at a job
  6. Dads are composed of 30% dude and 69% dad and 1% man
  7. If you do the dope you AREN"T MY DAD
  8. Not all dads are someone's dad
  9. A son can become a dad, but only through great sacrifice
  10. Dads get the shaft sometimes
  11. Dads are really cool

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