mastermind of outer space funk

Dr. Funkenstein, King of The FUNK. To enhance SupergroovalisticprosiFunkstication , Dr Funkenstein, brought forth the monster sound to earth via Starchild , an agent of Dr. Funkenstein, mastermind of outer space funk. The secrets of funk were laid in the pyramids, because humanity wasn't ready for it...until now. Swift lippin', ego trippin' and body snatchin', will blow your mind; Comin' to you directly from the Mothership. Dr. Funkenstein is creating clones known as the Children of Productions who will go out and make sure everything is on the One . Dr. Funkenstein can fix all of man's ills, because the bigger the headache, the bigger the pill; and he's the big pill.

Dr. Funkenstein created the Bop Gun and the FlashLight to allow Starchild to fight Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk.

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