The character Carl's Boomer wrote a series of love letters to his secret romantic interest. This was hinted throughout various comic issues, over a long period of time. It's really stupid. and only a fan-wanker like me would be able to point these all out.l 

Love Letter #1Edit

"Dearest Love,

I write to you on this night because I have noticed I have fallen in lov ewith you. Some guys like Dr Tasty would call this complete bullshit, but not me. I don't think it is, maybe it's because I've had half a martini, but you know how it all goes. 

Look, lady, I think you're hot and you're also the berst thing in the world, so stop giving all of your attention to that douchebag at the bar and listen to me. I'll treat you like a queen if you'd"

And then the letter stops, as it is cut off in the comic book panel. My theory as how it ends goes

"stop being such a huge bitch. serioulsy, buf fuck off. Shit. 


Your love Carl's Boomer."

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