He's literally the best guy in the world.

Incidentally, this makes him the most powerful character in the revengerists' omniverse

Reasons why Dylan Hendren is the greatest man in the worldEdit

He's super great

He's so strong

He's the most attractive man

Everyone likes him

He is nice to everyone

He can outrun a goat

He is kind to animals

Everyone loves him

(12:13:11 PM) Dylan Hendren: Good thing I'm the best guy in the entire world

(12:14:05 PM) Ashley West: You are :)

(12:14:23 PM) Dylan Hendren: I'm literally the best and nicest guy in the entire world

(12:16:05 PM) Ashley West: You're pushing it

(12:16:39 PM) Dylan Hendren: IN THE WHOLE WORLD

(12:20:13 PM) Dylan Hendren: The greatest guy in the world, Dylan Hendren

Is the best guy in the entire world
Everyone says so
If there was a contest for the greatest guy in the world

(12:20:19 PM) Dylan Hendren: Dylan would have the trophy

(12:21:03 PM) Ashley West: You are pushing it!

(12:22:02 PM) Dylan Hendren: The greatest guy in the
Dun dun dun dun dun dun

(12:23:07 PM) Dylan Hendren: His girlfriend thinks he's so great
She could power an
Entire City just on why she thinks he's so great

(12:23:58 PM) Ashley West: Dylan Tyler Hendren I never said that

(12:24:53 PM) Dylan Hendren: She says "Dylan knows what buttons to push"
"But he'd never do that...because"
"he's the best guy in the en-ti-re WORLD

(12:26:16 PM) Ashley West: I hate you

(12:26:22 PM) Dylan Hendren: He's the best bar-none
The best there is
Everyone loves him

(12:27:20 PM) Ashley West: You're singing it to that tune aren't you

(12:27:31 PM) Ashley West: The Dylan theme song tune

(12:34:53 PM) Dylan Hendren: Of course

(12:38:33 PM) Ashley West: You're lucky I love you and also you said that you love me earlier, which I liked a lot. You don't need to say it again, because it counts for the rest of the day.

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