Blue Marble - 2002

Earth-1218, dull... so very dull.

This planet is 6000 years old, and completely flat, it only appears to be a sphere because it was photographed by a camera with a round lens. It may also be hollow and growing.

Fuck this place. This is the place all the Norms wished we lived in. No powers, no magic, just one supreme deity who may or may not decide to grant your wish if you meet his unknown list of critera. Fun to visit, but every second feels like an eternity.

Extradimensional travelers may wish to take their Awesome dates here *like Daenerys Targaryen* just to show them how lame and boring that realm is, and thus make their own world(s) seem better by comparison. 

UNlike the Uno-Alpha-Main Planet Earth, this offshoot dimensional version has longer lines, call waiting times, partisan politics, hangnails, and a deficit of Awesomes. And why wouldn't the Awesomes leave this shithole for better planets and parallel worldlines? Fuck this place. Fuck it with a dirty old stick. Just any dirty old stick, it's not worth picking one out special.

FOOLS from this world think they are in the Prime Timeline, but anybody with any knowledge of quantum mysticism knows that this is total bullshit.

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