Victim after being exposed to the EMMMcDP Bomb within the 1-5 mi. blast radius.

"No no, no no no. You only use this when the fight becomes too boring you fat padded fuck!" Commodore Boob to South Side Santa The Ukelele Revengerists Issue #287


The EMMMcDP Bomb referred to as the “Blue-Eyed Soul Moncher”, is a weapon originally developed for and four times rejected by the American military and deemed thoroughly retarded. A Cold War weapon that was designed and tested in Ferguson, Missouri. A second EMMMcDP was recovered from a shack in Ferguson, Missouri by Shakey Jake and brought back to the Revengerists MoonBase where it was mass reproduced at a stockpile rate. It made its first appearance in The Unpredictable Revengerists Issue #287. While the Revengerists visited Commodore Bob in there MoonBase labs, Commodore Bob lets the EMMMcDP accientally slip when discussing weapon developement and possible technological break throughs. Further development into bullets are underway.

The Scienceology of the EMMMcDPEdit

The science of the weapon are a highly guarded secret. The only known information about the weapon's workings is that the catalyst is made of pure unconcentrated Orphan Tears. Rumor has it that one can constuct their own EMMMcDP at home by getting the directions from playing The Eyes of a Child backwards at 78 RPM. 

Eyes of the Child - Michael Mcdonald-102:43

Eyes of the Child - Michael Mcdonald-1



Exposure to the blast and its effects upon the human body are as follows. 1-5 mi. radius of the pulse causes the victim’s hair to turn white, grow a beard, harmonize with an Oleo smooth sound, and non-stop anal seepage.  6-15 mi. radius of the pulse causes victims to grow beards, speak in melodic octave's, and occasional fits of truckin.  16- 25 mi. radius of the pulse causes the victims to grow beards, hold long baritone notes like ship’s call out at sea, and baby blue eyes.

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