An Energy Blast is an attack or maneuver performed by an individual who channels some sort of energy (usually 'ki', but sometimes 'qi' or 'chi') into a violent stream directed at the target. There are many types of energy blasts and we hope that you don't get them confused, because all the morons do. 


Some energy blasts come in the form of a projectile, which is flung at the target and causes destruction. 


If one's master over their ki is great, they can channel the power of fire - or something firelike - and throw a blast of fire. Sometimes the fire is blue sometimes the fire is red sometimes the fire is purple, who the fuck keeps track of these things anyway?


Only students under the masterful teachings of Goutetsu's famous martial arts can perform Hadokens. Except Black Mage, but other than that I dunno.


This is what Ryu uses in Street Fighter 2, but this is part of a continuity error involving Hadokens. 


Sometimes anime gets in the way and what you have left is shit


Hadoken, Hyper Beam, Hyper Hyper Beam, Kamehameha, Masenko

Self Vicinity BlastsEdit

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