In the wordl there are many types of enchanted and augmented wapons, this particular sowrd is the best of them.

Galvanized SwordEdit

The Glavanized Sword of The Super Strangth is a 2-handed melee weppen that allows the user to perform standard 2hander malee attacks. 

The wehpon gives a bonus to strength, dexterity, and agility as well as increasing their DPS as the sword has the higest damnage ragne of all the 2-handed enchanted swords.

It is best in slot and all Awesomes and Vilin s a like should equip this sword, but there is only one and not a whole bunch that drop from one guy.


Claims that this is best in slot are refuted by some, stating that Molten Hammer of Shining Justice does more damage per special ability and increases defense as well as doing lava damage.

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