Feral werecats bit my dog one time and he becaue a werecatdog. FUCK! All now known as Glaacat the Werecatdog.

A ;wereodgEdit

When you are bitten by werecat you are become Werecat youreself. When this happen you get wereclaws and weretooths, your bite is infect and other people become werecats. 

If a dog is bitten then he baecoms a werecatdog, Glaacat is the only one for some reason. 


Glaacat comes equiped with all the powers of a whereacat and also an dog! WIW!

Glaacat laser  - shot lasercat weearcat laster

POWER GLOVE - A shot of power punch from the WERE CLAS

Sunlight Moonbeam - A powerful techniques handed wown oin the dojo

Dog bark - very loud dog bark enhanced by the power of werecatdog. Also endearingly cute.

He is villan?Edit

Glaacat is a villain sometime and also a godo jgu7y? When the writers found him they came upd with the ides bya wmistpelling get the apicture

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