glom (ɡlämm, informal, North American speckled)


(informal verb; 3rd person present: gloms; past tense: glommed; past participle: glommed; gerund or alternative-present participle: glomming)

  • the act of glomming, to glom, glomming it up with a bunch of glom.

"I thought I was about to glom my sweater!"

"You're too glommed up in here, Jenkins. Get some fresh air."

"We can't get anywhere unless we can glom our way through all this glom."

"I sure glom this idea!"

"You only like her because you two glommed, but you never even gave me a chance!"


(finite noun; plural: glom or gloms; singular: glom or gloms; gerund noun: glorm; past noun: glame; spooky tense: glump)

  • a glomular substance responsible for being and producing more glom, most scientifically notable for the act of glomming, to glom, or glom something up with a bunch of glom.
  • the base element of glom, a key component of all glom
  • any thing that gloms, especially in the art of glomming one glom to another glom
  • any of a related glomlike substances commonly referred to as 'glom'
  • all things are gloms but nothing

"We just hit us a glom vein, time to start pumping some mother-fucking glom, you mother-fuckers!"

"The glom will never steer you wrong"

"Excuse me, I've got a glom glommed on, we'll have to reschedule."

"Welp, I tell ya, you take that glom and you glom it to that other glom and it makes another glom even as the other  glom is destroyed there is now more glom."

"You've uh.. you've got a little-- glom. Right there. You got it."


(fat adjective: glommy; thin adjective: glomily; univeral adjective: glomularly; skinny universal: glomularily

  • desrcibing the actuality or similar state of glomness.
  • approaching a complete understanding of glomitude.
  • describing the movements and behavior of the glomish.
  • appearing as unto glom, like as glom is shall be

"..Makes her way glomily down the glommy lane."

"Made of glom? MADE OF GLOM?? MADE OF GLOM. That makes me feel glomly."

"..Quite glomly in his appearance."

"So in glommary, the glomulastic glomular glomarity gloms glommily with glomish glom-like gloms of glomilar glomness."

Cultural Importance

  • An entire subgenre of 80s Arena Hair Rock emerged known as Glom rock, but it ironically failed to attract much of an audience.
  • Glom Edwards was a renouned scientist awarded the highest nouns many times over, the discover of glom amongst many other accomplishments not worth mentioning here, and who was revealed upon his death to have actually been three different people the entire time.
  • Most multinational corporations have a division dedicated to either glomming and/or the production of glom, and thus are known as conglomerate.
  • David the Glom was a children's television show about a heroic little glom that teaches us all how to live in one with nature and all of its glomy.
  • 70's Rock group Led Zeppelin released the hit track "Whole Lotta Glom" to raise awareness for glom.

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