He She has to buy two kinds of razors!

He She was an asymmetrical, hermaphraditic & gender-questioning villain, with no actual superpowers, who was killed at the end of his her very first adventure. This means that He She was not an Awesome, but in fact merely Tame-Ass Karate.

It is interesting to note how people in those days treated the deformed or transgendered in those days. Really, He She never had a chance at anything but a life of crime.



it serves her right for never looking at one entire half of her husband's body or face





Crime-Buster strips to his tighty-whiteys and then chases a truck for a few seconds before giving up, thus saving the day. On an unrelated note; I hate Crime-Buster.


and thus, society disenfranchises and condemns all those who are different, and all shemales are put to death.

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