Hydrokinesis is the psychic ability to influence, control, and even create the motion of groups of atoms in their liquid state. Hydrokinesis is the paranormal psychic ability to control and manipulate the movement of liquids, especially water, using the power of the mind. Hydrokinetics are shown to be able to control, manipulate and alter the molecular state of water. They are also able to manipulate the surrounding water in the atmosphere, freeze water, or even make really thick clouds of mist, steam or fog. Those with sufficiently advanced skills can effect the human body's contents of nearly 73% water.

People with hydrokinesis can control and manipulate water in all its forms, whether that'd be solid, liquid, or gas. Hydrokinetics are also known to be able to control and manipulate shapes and mold water into desired shapes or forms. 

Types of Hydrokenesis Edit

Lactokinesis, a specified form of hydrokenesis is the power to manipulate milk.

Hydromancy is the magical control of liquids through spells and incantations.

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