"Imaginaaaaaation... Imaginaaaaaation..." ~Tyler

The power of imagination is one of the most powerful superpowers of any power, even exceeding the powers of love and friendship, and categorised with them as one of the arbitrarily limitless powers that was inside you all along!

Imagination can change the world for the better, or force it to descend in a thousand years darkness and chaos. The choice... is up to you!

Chalk Warfare 304:55

Chalk Warfare 3.0

Imagination is one of the basic energies of the Omniverse, and is one intrinsic part of the formula that allows for the existence of Magic, rainbows and plasma grenades.

Imagination can be wielded as a mighty weapon, or even anthropomorphized into a transubstantiation of flesh. These living embodiments of imagination are called; "Imaginary Friends".

The greatest source of imagination known today is within the heart of every child, and a cruel black market exists around the globe harvesting these organs for this purpose. Many scientists worry, however, that we are reaching peak imagination, after which the price of imagination will skyrocket, inequality will increase, and geopolitical instability will plunge us into another devastating world war for this most precious of resources.

Some have abused imagination, not only against other individuals and nations, but to their own detriment. Too much imagination can be dangerous. But danger is fun! It has a mind-altering property that can do permanent brain damage if used in excess.

Toy Wars03:08

Toy Wars

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