"A pox upon thee, heare thy pleads and calls and surrender unto me thine curiosities. You dwell now within the mysteries." - Real Fake Mystery Slacker

The MysteryEdit

Into The Mystery is an ongoing Revengerists series usually revolving around 4 friends (typically Awesomes) who stumble into what is known as a Mysterious Mystery, planned and laid out as a trap by Real Fake Mystery Slacker. In this Mysterious Mystery they must unravel the Mystery and solve the riddles behind it, or in front of it - I think that's usually how these things go, but don't ask me for certain because I'M NOT A RIDDLE MASTER OKAY?!

Mysterious MysteriesEdit

When a Revengerist triggers a Mysterious Mystery they are actually pulled into a separate Dimension called the Mystery Dimension, which came into being during the Original Mystery controlled by Mystery Slacker. 

Until the unwilling sleuths solve the mystery, they are stuck in the dimension unless someone does a Dimension Door Rip (and usually that's a difficult action to perform in the mystery dimension because everyone's either pissed off or confused. Breshvic Penicillin and Dr Tasty are the only ones who regularly abuse this technique to cop out of mystery solving because they feel it's a waste of their time.)

Into the Mystery IssuesEdit

This will likely never end until someone blows up or eats the Mystery Dimension or the writers get bored with it (likely.) So it's an ongoing series.

Into the Mystery: The Clock of Fruede Edit

Into the Mystery: Where Did My Balls Go?Edit

Into the Mystery: Hotknife Figures Out How Whales' VaginasEdit

Into the Mystery: McCollege Psychology 101 Stupidity (Or why Fruedian Studies are fucking STUPID)Edit

Into the Mystery: Harbjar Can Know a Rabbit From 100 YardsEdit

Into the Mystery: The Tale of 3 Complete MoransEdit

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Harbjar , Breshvic , Southside Santa , The Worst Ninja Ever , and Dr Tasty come across a mysterious artifact, upon touching it they trigger another MYSTERY and are consequently driven into the Mystery Universe.