Jekyll Island, in an undisclosed location off the western coasts of Georgia, is an island populated by over 3000 monsters, scientists, and of course brewers. Their main exports are mutagens, zombie powders, and of course beer.

In 1693 Jekyll Island's first brewery opened to much critical acclaim, it's line of booze-enhanced beverages delighted and entertained all who could obtain it. Witches, Wizards, and Warlocks would travel thousands of miles to imbibe it's sweet sweet liqueurs and infusions.

In 1886 a doctor working under the name Jekyll in London was trying to recreate these early recipes when we accidentally discovered the transformative qualities of some of the ingredients; after his rampages stopped the Jekyll Island Brewing Co set it's brewery ablaze and disappeared into the ether forever, disguised as the Jekyll Island Historical Society they operated until 1923 when the "real" Jekyll Island Historical Society was formed as a cover for their booming export business.

Jekyll Red Ale can and bottle

Jekyll Island Brewery is the official brewed-beverage sponsor of The Revengerists Consortium of Stuff, Specifically Jekyll Island Red Ale, the official beer of The Revengerists Podcast of Stuff and at 23% ABV is the most powerful character in the Revengerists Omniverse. Their motto is "Good Friends, Good Time, Good Beer" and every time you crack open a bottle of Jekyll Island Red Ale the crisp refreshing flavor of Red Dye No. 5 will overcome all Tame Ass Karate standing in your way to Party-Town.

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