When hunger strikes and you have a lot of extra cash, the Jewish Deli strikes! Marvel at the overpriced food, the boring menu items, the borderline bland taste!

Overpriced Hogwash Edit

No one knows why, but the average Jewish Deli has higher and normal prices. They all serve the same crap, why is it all a fortune?

Matzo soup? 13 dollars

Pastrami Sandwich? 18 dollars

Challah? 5 million dollars!

Why the fuck am I even here? I could have gone to Taco Bell or Tiffany's instead.

Stupid fucking old people Edit

If there's one thing you can count on, it's that most of the staff at these places are women in their 70's. Who the fuck knows why? They don't even look jewish. What the hell?

Can't split my goddamn bill Edit

In a group? Well we can't have you do anything in a convenient manner! Jewish Delis won't give individuals or smaller groups checks. If there's a huge bill they won't split it, so your whole group has to do math. Bet your ass someone is going to shortchange everyone and the person paying with their card is going to have to pay for the difference!

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