"Katanas are the most powerful weapon in the Omniverse." - A Revengerist

Katanas are the most powerful weapon in the Revengerists Omniverse and the Actual Ass Universe .


"I've never faced such a powerful weapon before. Have you? Have you even seen a weapon do the things a katana can do in the right hands? I think not. As I've never constructed such a powerful weapon, even with my construct the most powerful weapons power" Harbjar

It is said, in the right hands, a katana can be wielded to devastating effect. They can cut through any known substance, even ones that are composed of a metal harder than the weapon itself! Not only that, but they are light weight and fast! A master using this weapon is akin to the wind slicing the moon into pieces. 

Some katanas are just good blades, but some katanas can hold PowerEnergies, and even spirits or Ghosts. Katanas like the Masamune have various powers when spoken of by different story tellers. They can take hold of the person, causing them to become murderous. Some give the weilder incredible strength or the ability to Energy Blasts! WOW!


"Are you kidding? A katana is more than a match for a claymore or rapier or broadsword or gun or cannon or moving train. Roroni Kenshin can kill everything with his katana! It takes years of practice to even forge a mediocre katana, true mastery takes decades and the most skilled of them can make weapons that can kill GOD! Just play any final fantasy game...GOD!" - Some nerd

It is said the forging process to make one of these perfect weapons has been handed down through millenia, even from the gods themselves! That would explain the whole god killing capability! A katana smith will spend years on a good weapon, folding the metal over and over again until the blade is ROCK HARD, just like how a perfect weapon should be: rigid and stiff just like my penis when I think of katanas! WQOW!

Some katanas were made in the sun. Some were made through magic spells or some bullshit. I don't know. Dr D weilds a power katana, which has a pwoer field.

But Dude! If The Katana Is So Great Then Why Aren't There Any Samurais Left!? Didn't Think Of THAT, Did You, Dumbass?Edit

Uh, that would be because the Samurai, while great warriors, were only so limited in their ability to wield these perfect weapons. Don't let their incompetence blind you to the TRUE POWER a katanas holds!

The KATANA gets this reputation as being a shitty weapon by association with the Samurai, hence why most dumbass motherfuckers call it a Samurai Sword. 

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