Our King of All Cosmos as he appeared to the shepherds of Fátima, Portugal in 1917.



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===his pathetic bullshit son ===

This is How I Roll by DaHawaiian

the artist formerly known as the Prince of All Cosmos

The Prince of All Cosmos was an eternal disappointment to his regal and imposing Father, though perhaps useful in repairing all of existence whensoever the King of All Cosmos had gone out on a bender and left all of reality in a state of disarray. The Prince used the cosmic object, a Katamari, to collect up all the physical detritus of this realm into a rolled-up ball. He was nowhere as good at this as his own Father, of course. In fact, he was little better than a common dung beetle. He still relied on the King to turn the balls of junk into planets, stars, nebulae, etc. to reform the damaged cosmos.


He waits for the day when his Father chokes to death in his sleep, disoriented from alcohol poisoning, to take his place as Prince-Regent and someday, King of All Cosmos. But there can be only one, and his facial hair will never reach the pure majesty of his father's.

The Prince is a little upstart shit who think's he is all that when we will have none of it. He Father is simply so harsh on him because he loves him and wants to build his character up so he can succeed, and also merely because he is an angry alcoholic with father issues of his own.

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the cosmic dung beetle dreams of being as good as the King of All Cosmos