Layla the cat
, (named after the popular song), was part of the Vivas viking clan, a friend and cohort to the great Dude and constant companion to Karen, the valkyrie warrior. A present from the Viking God to his Lady on the Day of Valentimes. Layla would come when called and followed Karen everywhere with shadowskills of a ninja, even the bathroom. In fact, if anyone went to the bathroom she would jump into the tub and wait for the water to be turned on, and soon was drinking out of the sink and then tub.
Crooked of tail (and adorably curled up when relaxed), it sometimes looked like a handle of fur. Close with the DUDE, she accompanied him on many adventures. They would battle mightily the beastly animals of the dark dimension, or comfortably groom each other on the sofa. Like the brave and courageous Dude, she enjoyed having her belly rubbed, but made a squeaking sound instead of his manly bark. Her training under the Dude was arduous, as she would run around for hours and often get walloped by his heavy paws, leaving balls of hair in their wake after a battle. Often after such sessions, the Dude would grunt his approval (or disapproval, it's hard to tell with him), by blowing a huff of wind in her face. This meant to keep training and work harder, for the ethereal war that they must fight together in the next world.

in her exploratory rocket ship ready to embark on a dangerous mission to follow the Dude into dimensions beyond

Still she runs wild with the Dude, but now in that mysterious realm beyond, fending off existential threats to the Earth on a higher plane than we can possibly reckon, and preparing for the days of final Ragnarok when they will leap into battle with the many viking gods, and serpents, and many-legged horses, and bears, and wolves, and at least one squirrel.

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