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Life is the quintessential essence of what constitutes Beings throughout the Omniverse

Human LifeEdit

A very popular topic of conversation across all Solar Systems, Galaxies, Universes, Multi-Verses, Omniverses, and Ultraverses is what makes a human life.

SOME PEOPLE believe that human life starts at the embrionic stage, where a sperm invades an egg and starts the baby process. These same people seek to prevent any tampering with this and that these lives are precious beyond all things. 

These same people also believe in things like the Death Penalty and killing others who don't agree with them, which makes this complex. 

There is a logical falicy here, if an embryo is a life and the two humans that produce the embryo are lives, then the things that humans use to make embryos are also lives since they are combined to make the embryo. Sperm and Eggs aren't fucking Magic; they're made by other materials. A female is born with millions of eggs, a male produces sperm throughout his life. The things they use to create these things are given to them by their parents. Things like food and water are what give people the materials needed to build a life, so those must also be considered part of the life creation process. Food and water come from the ground and other animals, so anything that the animals consume and the plants are made of is also considered part of the life creation process. This means that the entire earth is a life, but there is hypocrisy here because clearly a lot of people in favor of anti-choice laws also do not respect this logic. 

What about the other way around? If a life starts at the embryo and the sperm and egg are NOT considered living beings, what then? Obviously the two humans who made the baby should not be considered lives because they make up the materials needed to create an embryo. 

I've completely destroyed this line of thinking, if you're having trouble deciding whether or not to kill yourself, don't hesitate to do it and just fucking kill yourself you worthless sack of stupid shit.

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