Some things are more Awesome with their powers combined: Captain Planet, Wonder Twins (but barely), Voltron, Power Rangers, LEGOs... This power is known as Mixology, or the study of mixing things.

"The concept appears in ergodic theory—the study of stochastic processes and measure-preserving dynamical systems. Several different definitions for mixing exist, including strong mixingweak mixingand topological mixing, with the last not requiring a measure to be defined. Some of the different definitions of mixing can be arranged in a hierarchical order; thus, strong mixing implies weak mixing. Furthermore, weak mixing (and thus also strong mixing) implies ergodicity: that is, every system that is weakly mixing is also ergodic (and so one says that mixing is a "stronger" notion than ergodicity)."

The Power of Mixology is a delicate art that must be honed, but once this extrasensory ability is unlocked within you, you begin to see and feel and hear the world in an entirely different way. Some people focus on only one aspect of Mixology, while others Master every trade, fully realizing their Awesome potential. Mixing can include:

  • Making sweet DJ mixes, Turntablism
  • Bar-tending
  • Culinary Arts (including the dark sandwich arts)
  • Blending the right amount of color for artistry or house-painting
  • Synergizing various fields of interest to great effect such as Politics, Sports and Philosophy. See also: Intersectionality
  • Creating mash-ups or otherwise engaging in remix culture
  • Accepting all people regardless of race, religion, gender, age, creed, politics, lifestyle or sexual orientation.
  • Managing teams for optimum productivity
  • Chemistry
  • 'Mixing it up' at parties
  • Mixing coefficients
  • Successfully navigating drama-free threesomes
  • understanding the theoretical probablity distributions and mixture densities of combined models
  • Alchemy
  • Advanced genetics
  • intertwining the phase spaces of dynamical systems
  • creating the perfect snack for long hikes (trail-mixing)
  • Diverting and combining vast energies, from the light spectrum to magical beams to deadly mad-science lazers
  • industrial process engineering operation that involves manipulating a heterogeneous physical system with the intent to make it more homogeneous
  • Generally just knowing the right amount of each thing that goes into making that thing
  • The all-important Fusion Technique

This can include the powers of Real-Time Editing in its extremest forms, but is not necessary.

Some of the finest Mixologists are Robots, since they can be easily programmed from birth with this ability. The Revengerists' resident Mixologist, for example, is their robot concierge Bob Sequious! who serves them with fancy coffee drinks and kickin' jamz.

Not to be confused with Tom Mix, American film actor (1880-1940).

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