Mr. Bad Society Man, or BdSM for short.

He is ever where and no where, runs all television and print media, tries to takeover the internet but its is too Awesome for him, he is a independent consulting contractor for all major corporations, he is responsible for stomping out the hippies, wants to censor all music, comics, video games, movies, and literature.

Mr. BadSocietyMan has no ethical probelm with the rape and murder that ACTUALLY occurs, since this is something to sensationalize on the news and use for political gain and resources in downtrodden nations. Insted, Mr. Bad Society Man's job is to stigmatize simulations of violence, or depictions of sex and love. Anything that is not the appropriately authorized forms of vanilla sex are labeled "Bad" and any time he can repress free thought or make teenagers go to juvenile hall or make others feel inferior because he doesn't understand why you want to have fun and is stupid.

Mr. Bad Society Man tells women they are inferior-thinking weaklings who should be ashamed to have vaginas. Great musicians, poets, writers, and artists are only acceptable if they reflect the entrenched values of Mr. Bad Society Man, anything more than mildly subversive is tantamount to treasonous insurrection, and must be squashed. If you have individual thought, you are infidel.

He is so named because he is Bad, represents and is all of Society, but only Bad Society, but labels what part of Society he thinks is Bad, even though he is really Bad for Society by labeling them Bad in and for Society, and is a Man.

He has many methods for squashing, most of them subtle and long-term like a shade of the background, many use brainwashing mindcontrol.

Frank Zappa - I'm The Slime

Frank Zappa - I'm The Slime

Don't worry. All it takes to keep Mr. Bad Society Man in check is one hero.

They Live - Obey, Consume, This is your God

They Live - Obey, Consume, This is your God

Please don't hate Mr. Bad Society Man for what he has become. It is, after all, only his job.