Getting Up to Now

Upon completeion of the Revengerist's Compound , Commodore Bov set forth to construct an isolation chamber for all of his chemicals, radioactive, flamable materials. Concerned for the materials and the safety of his fellow Revengerists, he figured that the best way to not let it leak outwas to seal it in. He constructed the chamber without a door or window nor vent nay drain in da floor. Only the Commodore himself be permitted. After weeks of careful observation and assessments of the chamber's sealment, he decided to construct more rooms for which only he or sellected few could access.

Mystery RoomsEdit

Cosbium Hypergif containmentEdit

The dreaded bombardments of Cosbium on our planet cause even the most hardened of Revengerists to shudder, but the good Commodore still believed that such a powerful element warranted further study. For the good of the Omniverse and for SCIENCE!

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