"Pig man! It's a pig man! Pig man!" ~Cosmos Kramer

GiMP 666 arrested

Pig Man is a half-man, half-pig member of the pigmen race; an example of Animorphs. They are usually Tame-Ass Karate, due to their only Awesome abilities being eating a lot of trash and rolling around in their own feces.

Greater Manchester Police hired a man with a pig face, helmet and reflective jacket in order to perform “safety demonstrations” about the behavior of law enforcement officials.

New Moston man Steven Peers was brought on board as a police officer after he put on the police costume of GMP officers and helped them beat up hippie protestors during anti-fracking protests.

The 46-year-old officer was signing autographs outside a police station.

“My reaction to being hired was total disbelief. I have a fucking pig face. It’s ridiculous,” Peers told the Manchester Evening News. “If anybody fucks with me or makes any 'bacon ' cracks or summat, I will fucking shoot 'em because I am a police now.”

It is unknown if Pig Man, or indeed all of the glorious Pig Men, are genetically crafted in a lab by RejoovenEsence, vivisected on some mysterious island, or just horrible Mutants. Many come from the Meat City, Planet of Meat, or Cincinnati. Their natural enemy is man, who desires to kill and devour them as they cry and scream for mercy in the same language that you speak, and also Mistress Hammeats, who wants to absorb their porky powers.

Pig-human hybreeding is a real science, and you need to sign petitions and post facebook image macros to stop it!

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