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Anyone worth their salt defaults at a point lower than their maximum potential or can achieve new heights when they need to. When someone needs a boost to defeat the bad/good guy, they POWER UP

Powering UPEdit

There are many methods to powering up, but essentially it is increasing one's Power in order to inflict greater damage or be faster or some bullshit.

Every worthwhile hero or villain uses this to accomplish their goals. 

Pump upEdit

The person increases the bloodflow to their muscles to get all big and sexy, the bigger your muscles are the stronger you are.

Aura Burst Edit

If you can control your aura you can also increase its potency through concentration

Ki FlowEdit

Masters of ki energy can drastically alter the flow through one's body and multiply its intensity. Further control of ki can have great effect such as transformations and energy blasts
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Transforming into your alternate, ultimate, or true form can increase your power. Dracula does this ALL THE TIME


One with the ability to absorb energy or whatever can power up

Leveling upEdit

This can be in a different category, but leveling up makes you stronger

Believing in yourself/Power of FriendshipEdit

If you're lame you can just tap into the power of friendship and completely cop out of the fight

Friends Together Forever

How can you get anymore lame?

Powerful BoonEdit

Receiving a boon from a god or mystical artefact is good


Coming into contact or consuming certain items can give you a powerup, like Mario Mario.

The GlowEdit

A mystical energy that can only be attained by a true martial arts master. When a fighter's hands glow, he is one of the best in the world and when his entire body glows, he is the greatest fighter alive (on that planet).

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