The eventEdit


R3C is the Revengerist Worldwide Web Consortium (not to be confused with the Revengerists Consortioum of Stuff Wiki) where the Revengerist meet to discuss matters of how to use the internet to defeat enemies and look at the fights that they fought.

How they used The eventEdit

the Revengerists would connectto the the internet and would

then connect to other consoles. They would t then look at what happened in the fights they had did had and would discuss what to do better next time. Unless they won and they would always win. When they lost the fights that they did have they would ask theFather Guardian of the Spear of Fortitude how to do better and the father would tell them something helpful and they would then forget to do that or bnot do it out of spite because they don't need to not do that thing because t hey are the Revengeristss!

Where the Event did take place Edit

One time there was The event that was held in a hotel confrence center room balcony and Odd Jog was apalled at the drapes. He suggested that they never use hotels agauin and use casinos instead. he said he could not believe what they made take place.