Sources are a waste of time, and completely unnecessary. Any use of the [citation needed] tag on this Wiki is purely sarcastic spite or full of your stupid hipster irony. There is no reason to cite facts for several reasons:

  1. Everything is true in an Omniverse of infinite possibility, anyway.
  2. It is physically impossible to lie on the internet.
  3. Facts are for boring nerds.
  4. If you don't trust what someone wrote in an article, what makes you think you would trust their [citation needed] tag? It's not like you're ever going to take the time to track down and verify the original sources on some stupid Wiki!
  5. You know I'm right.
  6. That guy is just carrying around his dog instead of walking it. What the hell is that about?!?
  7. Sourcing requires a lot of tags and some code and we didn't get in this Wiki business to do any of that.
  8. The Source is the Light and the Life.
  9. If I told you an outrageously true fact and an outrageously untrue fact, you wouldn't remember in a few years which one was untrue anyway. You'd remember them both as true.
  10. There is Nothing Before You But Thang.
  11. And after all, after the birth of post-modernism, who's to say what's true for you isn't different for me, man?
  12. Everything on this Wiki is lies. There are no Revengerists, no powers, no Omniverse. It's all fiction.
  13. The pump don't work cuz the vandals took the handles.
  14. do you have any dollars
  15. ignorant piss-ass
  16. what is it anyway
  17. the longer you wait the moist it gets
  18. That's just, like, your opinion, man
  19. You don't need evidence to prove anything
  20. Those citings aren't reliable, it's just Big Sourcing trying to push its sourcing agenda to prove facts
  21. You see, Liberals think that sourcing is a necessary thing because it's all they have to hang onto their lies, they think they work on "truth" and "evidence" and "rational thought" when the opposite is true: they'll do whatever it takes to hang onto their agenda. Whereas Conservatives base their efforts on understanding and acceptance and a bunch of other things that are basically better than everyone else. A conservative will not need citations because what they say is fundamentally true. Their truth is what will be better for everyone in the long run. So basically Conservatives work on the principles of freedom and betterment where Liberals work on principles of half truths and lies. 

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