Dumb Dinosaur (with MP3 ♫)01:10

Dumb Dinosaur (with MP3 ♫)

Many mental super powers exist, but they're all positive traits like Super-Smarts or Telepathy. This time we're going to deal with negative mind power, or REVERSE SMARTS AKA YOURE AN IDIOT 

You're fucking STUPIDEdit

Being a reverse intelligent person means you refuse to use comprehension skills, are unable to learn anything, and have zero problem solving skills

SUPER DUMB seriouslyEdit

You may not think that being stupid, (i.e. that is to say, lacking a thing that is a special ability) should be considered a superpower. OH BUT TO THE CONTRARY. Some people are SO stupid, they've clearly reached some higher (lower) plane of existence unattainable to other no matter how many years of training or meditation. Only being born with this Mutant power, or self-made stupid with hours huffing cleaner fumes and hitting yourself with a tack hammer would produce what is known as a Stupid Awesome. They are so incredibly stupid beyond words, others stand in literal awe. 

Examples include:

GOD You're an idiotEdit

Just thought that needed to be reiterated here.

DANGER! Idiot Approaching!Edit

Not only can these incredibly irresponsible braindead slobs somehow get into positions of management and executive power, they can use their stupidity to wreak havoc at every level of world events. Creating drama amongst your friends, creating stupid work flows at your job, making work more difficult for you, causing family reuinions to be incredibly awkward, hosting shows on FOX News, denying scientific facts, starting unnecessary wars, smearing the hallways in their own bodily fluids, sending down inane corporate orders, causing traffic accidents, wreaking property damage, forgetting birthdays and anniversaries, raising children to be as stupid as they are, leading organized religions, committing dumb crimes, ordering food in a stupid way, getting lost immediately after you gave them directions, and reading Ayn Rand.

Not only can they cause physical damage and death, the quantum nature of their idiot powers may actually suck intelligence out of the minds of people surrounding them through the air. Similar to psychic vampires, except they do not gain any IQ advantage from their telepathic dampening. They just reduce everyone to their feeble-minded level once they open their mouths to talk about reality television, partisan politics and TMZ.

Disclaimer Edit

Most Idiots' brains are perfectly normal, many individuals considered to be conventionally smart have also complete and total fucking morons. This article references those who have used the massive amounts of potential power of their mind to use it to enhance the forces of DERP OMFG WTF IS WRONG YOU FUCKING MORON, as opposed to intelligence.

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