pft. figures..

This lame creature is from the tiny lame island of Rhodes. It was defeated by mange, drowning, and rot. Hardly monstrous, but just ugly, scientists who quickly secreted the body away soon after discovery later determined that it was a 100% match to a raccoon in DNA, blood type, dental records, and spiritual residue. Thus, we have no way of knowing what it really was. But it's dead and gone and you can't do shit about it, not even poke it with a stick like the weird creep you are. Who even gives a fuck? The travel bureau of Rhode Island probably were desperate for a gimmick to bring cryptid fanatics to their town, and some idiot with a desk in a dark corner who barely talks came up with this disturbing idea.

Its beak was made of bone, which would normally be pretty rad for a monster, but it was literally just racoon bone. Sorry.

It poses a threat level of -1,000,000,000 because of it's supreme lameness, which is maybe giving it too much credit because that sounds like it is noteworthy in some way. Putrid waste of time. Waterlogged distraction from the REAL mysteries of the world.

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