Crazy Running lady00:50

Crazy Running lady

The Running Lady (sometimes unfairly referred to as the 'Crazy Running Lady', though no proper assessment of her mental state can be made) is an American Awesome woman operating in and around Pittsburgh, PA.

Her amazing power and skill set is to constantly stay in motion. She is always seen to be running, and in fact probably could not stop even if she wanted to. The reasons for this are not known, but there are many hypotheses:

  1. She was born with a sad condition that keeps her legs constantly moving, an example of a randomly detrimental mutant power.
  2. She is just so incredibly super-busy, either fighting or perpetrating evil, but definitely one of those two.
  3. If she slows down, she will explode.
  4. She is constantly running from someone, which may explain the sunglasses and trench coats as well.
  5. She is training to race and defeat the pierogies.
  6. She cray-cray.
The running lady00:08

The running lady

She is often seen around downtown Pittsburgh, and will not stop to answer questions about her behavior. On the few occasions where she does mutter a response, you cannot decipher due to the Doppler Effect. She has been observed running up hills, running up and down stairs, running on treadmills (stuck there), running in place if trapped in a crowd, running back and forth on a block while 'waiting' for the bus, running up and down the aisle of the bus while riding it.

It is possible that, like the Juggernaut, she is merely unstoppable, and was unfortunately set in motion at some point in her life. Now she is cursed to forever roam Allegheny county, with the occasional swap of her coat.

Crazy Running Lady of Pittsburgh00:20

Crazy Running Lady of Pittsburgh

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