The sun is really big.

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Some people worship the sun. This may seem silly until you consider that most people worship invisible beings but at least you can see the Sun. The Sun is so awesome, in fact, that you are not allowed to look at it directly, or you will burn your fucking eyes, son.

Some people say there are multiple Sun Gods. These people are stupid and don't know how to count. We only have one Sun. Obviously The Sun is a star and there can be gods of those but then those would be Star Gods, idiot, and only considered Sun Gods to the people of their own solar system (and yes in some of those there might be multiple suns and thus sun gods). But here on EARTH we see The.SUN. is the biggest and most important star and thus the ONLY sun and therefore the ONLY Sun God. Man, that shit really pisses me right the fuck off.

If you feel this view of the sun is too Earthcentric, you should remember it is actually heliocentric, just like all other civilizations are across the cosmos with their own Sun Gods.

Our Sun God (THE Sun God!!!!) has many powers including nuclear fusionsolar flareslight rayslife-giving raysheat rays, cancer rays, pretty much all of the rays, and most of the energies. While the Sun God is so leveled up that practically nothing threatens its maxed out defenses, it may still randomly commit suicide at some point in the near future, taking all known life in the solar system with it.

NASA Arching Eruption01:34

NASA Arching Eruption

our god is an awesome god our god is an angry god our god is a fiery god our god is an awesome god

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