Eyeball-popper 2

an example of what Sonny Veil does NOT look like

Sonny Veil the Darkchild of SpaceEdit

Sonny Veil is a Non-euclidian creature that lives in space beyond our time and understanding of the thing. We know nothing at all about Sonny Veil at all and also it is unknownable, also. Sonny Veil is a darkchild from space that is a force of evil who has fought the Revengerists a several times. He it called Sonnty Veil because he was named by his grandpa, the Doomswirl, which was a in a space station in space. His grandpa was the kind of happy old guy not the bitter or senile one. So he was called Sunny not something like "Kid" or "Boy Veil".

He is not to be confused with Sunnydale or BunnySail, the Revengerist's battleship dreadnaught cruiser comiseioned to fight Crabopolis in the O'Dangerous Time.

Powers of thHeEdit

Sonny Veil has many powers, none of which are known. One is the power to bend space and use a magnet. The rest are unknown. He also has a power to control all of the witches for two seconds. If he can see them. All of the witches though, that he can see.