Sprulls are humanoid alien creatures who want to be like Awesomes.

History Edit

Dating all the way back to The Great Comics Purge of 1980, Sprulls started appearing in major Revengerists story arcs like The O'Dangerous Times and Finite Contingency, acting as spies, stand-ins, and decoys. However, their ability to blend into human society is poor, as they have no Doppelgänger type abilities to speak of. The Revengerists and many other Awesome Groups had run-ins with these wannabe aliens, mostly resulting in the annihilation, defeat, or just outright ignoring of their entire plot.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Aside from their alien physiology, they have no notable powers. In fact, they're a lot like Humans. They have average strength, agility, stamina, and intelligence. They're not even geniuses, as most of their technology is a legacy handed down from their predecessors and most sprulls are taught how to operate vehicles, computers, and other machinery in schools.

The only noteworthy thing about Sprulls is their incessant desire to be like awesomes. They attempt to mimic them with elaborate costuming and acting, but are never able to replicate any powers. Some sprulls have such a devotion to this craft that they frequent various Conventions throughout the galaxy, where they show off their ability to mimic an awesome with fine detail. Most of the sprull community calls this practice Awesplay. (Not to be confused with Cosplay)

Due to this duplicate phenomenon, Sprulls are handy with various costuming tools and have medium to in-depth knowledge of costume materials. A few sprulls are dropouts from related fields of study or graduates who haven't found work. Devoted awesplaying sprulls have a great tendency toward art, though there are many sprulls who are downright terrible.

Also because of the likelihood a sprull's awesplay awesome utilizes martial arts , many sprulls have trained extensively to mimic them, but aren't actually skilled fighters. Some sprulls are, but that's an exception to the norm.

Personality Edit

All sprulls have some form of social debilitation, whether it's being a huge fucking NERD or having some sort of superiority complex. Sprulls place the utmost importance on all things Awesplay and go as far as saying the awesplay culture is a hot-button issue. Sprulls constantly post in social media and other outlets about their kind and the oppression that goes on, but nobody gives a fuck.

Sprulls place various importance on hygiene and appearance that isn't related to awesplay. They have huge social circles where all they talk about are their favorite awesomes and media based on awesomes.

Nobody Cares Edit

Nobody cares, dude. Fuckin give it up. Of all the god-damned things to do, awesplay is the least noteworthy or important. If sprulls did not exist and awesplay was an imaginary concept, the universe would not be any different. It's like a reverse-butterfly-effect, where you don't awesplay and nothing changes anything.

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