Telemarketer Call Crazy Old Lady08:46

Telemarketer Call Crazy Old Lady

Imagine if she focused her powers on actual terrorists and rapists instead of poor Alex

A power usually associated with Lunatics. Super Unreasonability is the ability to deny reality and the autonomy of others to impose your own views on reality with such obstinance and ignorance that it borders on (or crosses over into) Power Madness.

Very rarely do the Super-Unreasonable understand, admit, or realize that the way they act, react and treat others is inappropriate or socially retarded. It often gets them the opposite results than they'd like, but they get enough success that they continue to utilize their powers to the fullest.

Meltdown at Dunkin' Donuts - Crazy Lady Loses It Over Receipt08:09

Meltdown at Dunkin' Donuts - Crazy Lady Loses It Over Receipt

Often they direct their power at foodservice, waitstaff, IT, phone operators, and retail workers until they get whatever nonsensical things they want. If they were able to coordinate their powers and direct them upward at corrupt businesses and corporations, then they would achieve more social justice and change than all of Occupy. Unfortunately, that would require reason. They do not have reason. Or reasons.

Sadly, when frustrated and brow-beaten laborers and minimum wage workers give in to their abuse, it only perpetuates the problem.

It is not known where they derive their powers from, but it often takes the form of delusions of persecution, extreme stubbornness, political bias, and a misplaced sense of entitlement.

Crazy fat lady screams about illegal photography!04:10

Crazy fat lady screams about illegal photography!

The Super Unreasonable also seem to get off on denying others their rights, or at least assume they are specially exempt from things like public photography. You will often find the Super Unreasonable in Law Enforcement or Politics.

Ohio Mall Cop Loses Her Cool - FULL Video03:11

Ohio Mall Cop Loses Her Cool - FULL Video

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