Rainbow pony

their many logos and mascots over the years

Team Rainbow Pony was a side-shot comic series that featured the Norse god Jim Vivas, Viking God of T'eh R'o'xorz, leading his own poorly named team of Awesomes in battle. They mostly ended up playing Halo (for copyright issues it is called 'Gaylo' or 'Harro' in the comic) on XBox LIVE although this did in a few issues (of the 200 issue run) end up with them beating up trolls, haters, bigots, and everyone in Texas, even those who are 'six-foot, motherfucker.'

Roster: Jim Vivas, The Mongoose, Loonchmeets, Faggot Cougar, and sometimes a girl.

The team was so named once when Jim gets upset with one other chatacter, I forget who, about whether or not rainbows or ponies are awesome, he says they are, and insists loudly until the other is on fire to death, and then declares he is starding his own side project.

It never did sell as well as the main Revengerists series but they kept publishing it for some reason, the theory on the message boards for a while was that it was punishment for not enough people buying FUTURE TALES. They always revealed and referenced important shit in this series so you had to at least read it in the store or borrow it but it was really boring to the point of finally just shouting "please, when do we get to see team rainbow pony battle ANYTHING!?" Seriously, tho you will get hooked.