Dinosaurs Lasers

what techno looks like at 500,000x magnification in a scanning election microscope

Long ago the worlds was dark as midnight. There lay a light in the electronic synths of the 1980s, Techno was born. This is what a you need, The Techno. There is DJ who can give you Techno sound for your ears, he is DJ The Techno.


DJ Techno

There is TechnoViking

Enjoy a modern sound of Techno at club Retronicks every Friday and Saturday evening starting at 8:30pm until 1:00am. Tickets are $14 before 9pm and $30 after 9pm. DJ Techno spins funkadelik tunez of all genres including: Techno, Fast Techno, Speed Techno, Blur Techno, Supersonic Techno, and House. Enter a raffle and earn a chance to win a free DJ tour with DJ Techno as he shows you his Techno secretes.

Club Retronicks offers rotating drink specials including super duper $2 jello shots on the bell of every hour. On Friday nights after 10pm enjoy $3 well drinks and $5 liters of select beers. For you people who like to "roll around" we have the 'Feel Pit' with various cushioned relaxation pods and specials on club wrist lights.

We at Club Retronicks encourage the use of illegal substances.