The Corrector (or The Great Corrector) is a cosmological officiant tasked with perfunctorily repairing and maintaining incongruities in all of the spacetime of the Omniverse. He is a very busy guy, but has all of eternity outside of time to do it. He has been called ('round the office) the Correction Fluid of the Cosmos. The fact that he insists on wearing all white might have added to this perception.

Among his infinite tasks include:

  • stopping time paradoxes from occuring
  • repairing Dimension Door Rips
  • making sure the laws of physics are obeyed at all times
  • keeping secret particles secret
  • erasing from existence any paranormal incongruities before they are discovered
  • erasing the memories of anyone who has witness paradoxes
  • working with many of the Death reapers on some occasion
  • preventing those who attempt to go over the speed of light
  • maintaining a strict separation between objects attempting to occupy the same space in time
  • keeping the supernovae on schedule
  • ensuring that changes in the Matrix only seem like deja-vu or something
  • ensuring that television shows that get canceled do not return
  • safeguards 'The Source' from mere mortas
  • keeping time doubles from meeting
  • making sure that causality and fate are followed to the letter
  • smacking those who backtalk him
  • and more!

His largest source of concern are Awesomes, who most of the time as evolved individuals feel entitled to do whatever the hell they want. He is one step above your average Awesome, and one step below a God, a programmed process of the Omniverse, but can still be considered pretty awesome.

The Great Corrector is the most powerful being in the Revengerist Omniverse.

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