The Ruler and Leader and Head of the land of Crabopolis, she rules her subjects with an iron paw. She was responsible for many horrors and setbacks for the world in general, including the War of Crabopolis during the O'Dangerous Time.

History The Crabopolis Queen was born in ancient Crabopolis in ancient times 12321312 BC or something like that. Something really ANCIENT. As part of the people of crabopolis she stayed in the ancient city. Eventually she rose to power among the people and overthrew the council of Crabopolis and became the queen. It turns out she was a WEREWOLF the whole time!

She ruled Crabopolis forever, until current times. At some point in history she was affected by the Great Schism and became EVIL.

She was an evil werewolf hellbent on the destruction of the world.

O'Dangerous TimesEdit

The Crabopolis Queen began to turn her beloved city into a place full of War Lobsters. With sorcery she replaced their souls full of liiiiiiiiiiight with dark souls. They were menacing and it would take the efforts of the entire Revengerists team to take the city out. She began her conquest by attacking the underwater lair of Water Guy , this alerted the rest of the Revengerists but they were busy dealing with other bullshit.

War of CrabopolisEdit

It was Irish Cream that first alerted the Revengerists to the dangers of Crabopolis . Already embroiled in a war with many super villains and gods and religious organizations, the Revengerists sent their A-Team to deal with the situation: Breshvic Penicillin , Dr Tasty , Irish Cream , Odd Jog , Vicki Van Vopperbombs , Chili Concasta , Chorizo con Huevos , a Jar of Pickles , Future Hires , CyBear , Bricksplosive and Justice Man . Nova Dude came along for the ride.

She commanded her forces with zest and zeal and a hint of rosemary, for days they battled. Explosions and all that nonsense happened. Eventually she was needed herself on the battlefield. She displayed her combat prowess by slaying the now deceased Irish Cream, which turned out to be a mistake because the Revengerists went into a rage and destroyed her and Crabopolis entirely.

She has been dead ever since.