We're currently playing round [REDACTED] of The Game , if you're just hearing about The Game I hope you've enjoyed easy-mode, after reading this introduction you've begun playing normal mode; after finishing you will begin playing hard-mode, after the appropriate grace-period.

Nothing you can say, but you can learn how to play The Game ; It's easy. - John Lennon


The Rules are in dispute. The Revengerists believe there can only be five rules to The Game , because of the Law of Fives; but since everybody takes their own notes (or not, because that would cause a loss), we cannot be certain if any other number of rules exist, Our top scientists suspect the number of rules must follow the Law of Fives. The Revengerists have been able to ascertain the following rules only using our Awesome Powers:

  1. Everybody in the world is playing The Game. If you aren't playing The Game, you've been playing The Game very well (reductio ad ignorance); unfortunately by reading this you just lost The Game. (You've got more guys, it's ok.)
  2. Whenever somebody thinks about The Game, they lose.
  3. Losses must be announced to at least one person.
  4. After losing The Game, your player will be placed in "pergatory" for up to (but not including) thirty minutes, where thinking about The Game does not constitute a loss.
  5. The Game is over whenever a world-leader (such as The President or The Pope) announces "The Game is up."

Tips and TricksEdit

  1. Cause others to lose The Game by alluding to The Game.
  2. Don't hate The Game, it's the players you should worry about.
  3. There are no known ways to win The Game, every attempt our top scientists have made has resulted in an instant loss.

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