The Tinfoil Tuque Test Do Tinfoil Hats Work?03:08

The Tinfoil Tuque Test Do Tinfoil Hats Work?


Tin foil is one of the best and most useful things to have around. It has a bevy of uses in the sciencists laboratories as well as in the home and around the hous.

This is your brainEdit

And sometimes you need to protect it. Two words: Tin. Foil. Massive conspiracies set forth by Moon Martians and the Shadow Government are trying to hijack your delta brain waves, and subject them to the jurisdiction of the Brain Police. DO NOT LET THEM.

This is FashionEdit

if it looks good rock it - don't be a hater

IMPORTANT WARNING: Tin foil isn't often made of tin, but aluminum, this is part of The Con(spircy)'s mis-education campaign trying to dumb down the general populous.Edit

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