Alone on empty streets ye stand where distant voices seldom sound - down many a dark corridore into the depths of the old town. But you are not alone, there is a sound emanating through you. A sound you cannot escape or hide from, ringing through you all through the night and long into the day. Can the others hears it? They must hear it. Are they looking at you? Accusing you of bringing this accursed moan wherever you may go? Is  is it in your mind? Is it in your brain!? Everywhere you go it follows  you. Haunting you. Driving you to the brink of madness.  Is it your very ears reverberating with the calls of the dark ones!? It's call becons you yet it repulses you. You cannot tolerate it. You try to run and hide from that which is like a leg to you, but you cannot escape, you may never escape. You can never escape.

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