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    I understand you're young and going through some hormonal changes, but this sounds like the kind of thing a person whose balls haven't dropped would say. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think the studio is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to buy the game. Do they have your family hostage? Did they threaten to leak a picture of you naked to the public? 

    If you're so wary about using your (parents) money on video games, then use that thick noggin of yours and don't purchase a game for $65 if you don't want to. 

    No, video game studios and publishers aren't going to stop releasing Early Access games to fund their projects. Small, independent game studios aren't going to stop trying to bud interest in their games.  Everyone has a right to …

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  • Drtasty

    An Open Letter to My Son

    August 21, 2013 by Drtasty

    A Letter to My Son

    Dear Son,

    If you're reading this, I'm probably dead or undead or in a different dimension. Don't let this get you down though; you're a trooper and I know I raised you to be a trooper, because why the hell wouldn't I do that? That's like assuming I didn't even have a son, we all know that I had a son and thinking otherwise would be pointless.

    The purpose of this letter is to prepare you for the future, one where robot police have most likely taken over the government and a secret cabal of sorcerers is pulling strings from the shadows. You're reading this because I'm dead, I fucked up. Or at least I think I did, maybe there was a mistake and I'm just missing? Shit. In case I'm missing you might want to investigate that sinc…

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    So you stumbled/were forced onto this wiki in some extreme set of circumstances and are probably wondering what you can/will do to contribute to our(my) community. Yep.

    Before I tell you any of that stuff I'm going to preface it with some numbers and facts. There are several types of Revengerists Wiki people and they are:


    Odd Jog


    Fin faction



    99.9% of people will lie in one of the four bottom categories. 99.9% of those people are probably Losers. 

    Let's move onto the important shit.

    Now this is a really vague topic, what is a Revengerist? Reading that article won't get you anywhere, as will any other articles on this site; not because they're incomprehensible - which is true - but only because you're a moron. Let's not get…

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