I understand you're young and going through some hormonal changes, but this sounds like the kind of thing a person whose balls haven't dropped would say. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think the studio is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to buy the game. Do they have your family hostage? Did they threaten to leak a picture of you naked to the public? 

If you're so wary about using your (parents) money on video games, then use that thick noggin of yours and don't purchase a game for $65 if you don't want to. 

No, video game studios and publishers aren't going to stop releasing Early Access games to fund their projects. Small, independent game studios aren't going to stop trying to bud interest in their games.  Everyone has a right to formulate an opinion, but you are not entitled to be correct or factual. Your opinion is wrong and doesn't matter, little boy. Think about how impotent your insipid rant is - how ineffective it is at convincing anyone that video games should cost $5 a piece. See how that is not actually feasible for a game studio that has more than 2 people. Get the picture about how Mount and Blade has been in development for over 10 years. 

Please feel free to return to this medium when you have gone out and learned how the entertainment industry functions. Fill your smooth brain with knowledge about budgeting, scheduling, art and coding pipelines, and marketing.

Or maybe realize that the price tag includes an implied future value of the game and not what it is at the time, that content is constantly and rapidly being introduced to meet that value, and when the game does release not only will all of this content be in the game, but the base game will be cheaper as well. Understand the purpose of Early Access and comprehend, with that adolescent mind of yours, that everyone has a choice to purchase goods and services.'re ADOPTED

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