• RighteousOxideFan

    Hello fellow Revengerists! 

    I felt the need to get this out; seeing as there is a major lack of archiving information about the great anti-hero Righteous Oxide, you ought to know that it is important that all data relevant to him needs recorded NOW!

    As  you've probably seen on his page, we have his history and powers documented, what I want to see more of is anything spottings you've seen...and I know you've seen him throughout this rich fictional universe. Any of you who have the rare "Revengerists: Plain Ol' Vanilla" will know what I'm talking about. 

    He was a major player in several major story arcs where he has what I call a "snowballing" effect on the narrative, meaning he performs an action adn then suddenly causality kicks in and they'…

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