Winter Olympics a form of Olympics that is not only forgettable and more boring than Summer Olympics, it is actually historically insulting to hold them as the Ancient Greeks never held Olympics in the Winter, never ice-skated or skiiiied. The REAL Olympics, though somewhat boring in nature as well, is infinitely more interesting than its slow sibling, and while people await the four-year arrival of the REAL Olympics with baited breath, the four-year cycle of Winter Olympics is met with groans, eye-rolling and rejoinders of "they still have that?"

Only the best of the best can become Olympiads, but pretty much anybody can compete in the Winter Olympics. Despite this, Awesomes and Mutants still dominate just because they can, though the medals awarded are sort of an embarassment compared to other accomplishments. These athletes compete pretty much because they have nothing else to do during the long, dark winter months, and can we really blame them for participating in the lowest common denominator of human physical achievement? Yes, yes we can.


There are still plenty of Norms who manage to get in, and disgrace their home countries by doing well at menial events such as Figure Skating. The threshhold for sporting events is pretty low in Winter Olympics, if Curling is any indication. The fact that warm-climate-dwelling Jamaicans can do well should tell you something. Even the "Special" Olympics requires more skill, relative to the goal-markers of each competition.

If not for the representation of bad ass countries like Canada and Russia, the Winter Olympics would be prescribed by doctors in lieu of clonazepam.

Hockey is pretty cool, but you can watch that when you watch regular hockey season.

The only real challenge to these winter sports is that it is cold, but that is easily remedied with an ugly sweater.

Nobody likes the Winter Olympics except for the occasional person that, not-so-coincidentally, nobody likes.

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